Find a local reseller

Octopus remains close to you

Octopus Microfinance exists in Community edition that you can install by yourself or with the help of the local reseller of your choice. As our network of local reseller is getting bigger and bigger, Octopus can be your best support and better understand your needs.

Who are the local Value-added resellers?

In each area where Octopus has a number of active clients, we identify professionals with both IT and microfinance competences, that can provide the implementation and technical assistance of Octopus.

A win-win relationship

An Octopus trainer makes a number of implementations with our local dealer: he provides training, evaluation and certification. Our dealers have to renew their certification annually, which allows us to guarantee the reliability and professionalism of their services, and ensures they are up-to-date with the latest developments of the software.

Find a local Value-added reseller

If you can not find a local dealer in your area, feel free to contact us.

Country Value Added Reseller Contact
Uganda Mr. Derrick Kwagala
Trinity Solutions
Kenya Mr. Dominic Karanja
Kenya Mr. Daniel Maina
Dream Team Technology
Ghana Mr. Michael Afreh
Ghana Mr. Paa Kwesi
Senrab Consult
Nigeria Mr. Onyeka Adibeli
Burkina Faso/West Africa Mr. Idrissa Compaore
Tanzania Mr. Mathias Msemo
Get up Tanzania
Tanzania Mr. Sayumwe Yotham
The Business Empowering Technologies Limited
India / Sri Lanka / Nepal / Pakistan / Bangladesh Mr. Shirish Kumar
ODED Transformation Technologies
Azerbaijan/ Kazakhstan/ Kyrgyzstan/ Russia/ Tajikistan / Uzbekistan Mr. Evgeniy Abdukarimov
Octopus CA

Become a Value-Added Reseller

Interested in becoming an Octopus Value-added reseller in your country?
If you are an IT specialist, you can provide services and support to MFIs using Octopus.
Please, fill in this form to know more about our VAR programme.