Installation Tutorial

Download Octopus

To download Octopus, go to our Wiki on the Release Notes page. Therefore you will be sure to always have the latest version of Octopus. installation microfinance software
Download on the Release Note Page.

Installation Guide

You can find our installation guide on our Wiki: Installation Guide.
You can also download the PDF file.

Other necessary downloads

To use Octopus, you have to download other software before:
1) SQL Server 2008 Express R2 Edition With Tools: Download the software (270 Mo)
2) Crystal Reports Viewer: (27 Mo)
3) For Windows XP or Vista users, please download the pack service corresponding to your operating system :download the software (230 Mo)
4) For Windows XP or Vista users: Windows Installer 3.1, download the software (3 Mo)

Installation problems

If you find some difficulties installing or using Octopus, you can find the most frequently questions asked on our forum. You can also contact us.