Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ octopus microfinance software
Here are the most common problems asked by our users. You can get a quick way to answer them.

Octopus Editions

Octopus Professional and Octopus Community are built on the same core technology, with mainly the same core features. The difference lies in the additional features in the professional edition, and the services that are provided along with the product. Octopus Community comes with no warranties: no guaranteed support, maintenance, bug fixing, or migration. Octopus Professional is entirely dedicated to professional use, and includes all the required services to be used in production: support service (in English, French, Russian) for both functional and technical issues, security alerts, maintenance (unlimited bug fixing), and unlimited migrations to new Octopus versions. Octopus Professional also comes with the extra permission to make “private modules”, meant for companies that what to develop their own modules, for internal use.

Depending on your internet connection (none, low-bandwidth, high-debit) we propose different options tailored to your needs. To understand better our different offers, refer to the Product page.

Octopus is multilingual.
The software is available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Kyrgyz.

Octopus Deployment

Octopus Community includes a free licence: you only pay for services. With Octopus Professional, you pay an annual licence fee, including guarantee, based on the outstanding loan / savings balance of your institution. You can then subscribe to additional services such as installation, training, automated backups and one of our Software as a Service (SaaS) offers.

Octopus Professional starts from 2000 euros/year.

Octopus is relatively easy to install. Your certified reseller will require approximately 1 to 2 hours installing Octopus and the various components of its environment and about half-day to configure Octopus according to your microfinance practices. Please keep in mind that configuring a random bank software can take up to several weeks. You can download and install Octopus by yourself by following the user guide.

Octopus Development

AGILE is one of the most acclaimed methods for software development currently. It allows developers to have more reactivity and flexibility on developments while clients benefit from more visibility. Instead of launching 1 new version each year, we offer a new version every 5 weeks. Thus, our clients do not need to wait a year to have their specific developments or to fix a bug. Of course, you don’t need to have your version upgraded with every release. However, thanks to AGILE, we are much more reactive to our users needs and to specific microfinance practices evolutions.

There are different ways you can contribute to the Octopus project:

- you can promote and distribute Octopus by becoming an Octopus local reseller or working with us.
- you can document Octopus: we need help to complete the online documentation such as the user guides.
- you can test Octopus: as a new version is released every five weeks, we need people to test that there is no bug.

See our Contribute page to know more about that.

A new version of Octopus is released every five weeks. It means that you can have improved versions ten times a year. That is the reason why Octopus is one of the most robust solutions on the market. We think that monthly releases are fundamental in order to prevent your MIS to become obsolete.


To guarantee the quality of our services, we have implemented a training system for local resellers that must get an annual certification to be systematically up-to-date with Octopus latest evolutions. We provide a technical assistance to our certified resellers and ensure software maintenance in relation to any eventual defects they could point out to us. The easiest way to know if a reseller is certified is to check on our resellers list or contact us. We do not provide any kind of assistance if you work with a non-certified reseller.

Octopus is robust and easy to maintain for an institution without internal IT skills. Octopus is based on SQL server, which is the most stable solution largely used in industry. Our automatic tests ensure the system stability and automated scripts included in the Octopus Professional edition makes Octopus upgrading easier. Thanks to the integrated module of database management, making database backups and restorations is as easy as saving a file in Word: no specific competences in IT are required. In case of problems, your local reseller is trained to take hand directly on your computer through “remote-control”.

The first step is to search on our online documentation (Wiki). If you cannot find the answer, please visit our forum: a user has maybe already given the solution. If you don’t find any answer there, the easiest way is to leave us a message on the forum. Our developers are always connected on it and the whole community will benefit from the answer.


Octopus is used daily by more than 140 MFIs worldwide in 120 countries. Please refer to this page to know more about our users.

Octopus is a project initiated by ACTED, one of the top 10 European NGOs. Octopus is a for-limited-profit company that works as a social business. Octopus is a hybrid economic model: we don’t intend to maximize profit but to be financially viable to ensure the fulfilment of our social mission.