Octopus Guarantee

MIS is a key element of your MFI: when you install a MIS, you need to ensure that your solution is efficient and available under any circumstances. The good news is that Octopus is a robust solution that requires little maintenance. However, it is essential to find help quickly when problems arise. For this, we offer a fixed guarantee on annual subscription.

Our assistance system operates on 2 levels:

Level 1 > Technical support

This local technical assistance is delivered by your Octopus certified local reseller:

Technical support software microfinance

  • Fixing database
  • Making backups and restore database
  • Migrating towards a new Octopus release
  • Developing personalized reports
  • Training your new MIS administrator

Technical assistance includes: a hotline via mail & phone and Skype during office hours, 2 annual on-site visits, a training for your local reseller to take control remotely for repair.

Level 2 > Software maintenance

Maintenance Microfinance softwareYou detect a defect or a functionality that has been badly implemented on Octopus or does not meet your practices? Your local certified reseller does not have the solution to your problem?

Our developers’ team takes over to solve your problem and fix the defect in the next release (one new release every 5 weeks on average). We re-certify your local reseller every year to ensure a high quality service and we support him in creating custom reports. Contact us for more information on technical assistance.