SaaS services

What is more sensitive than your data? Hardware failure, human error, fires, cyber crime, theft, viruses… the risks to your data are always more numerous and probable. Moreover, SaaS solution is still the most interesting in most areas where the internet connection is weak or random: each branch can continue to work regardless of Internet connection (which is not possible with a centralized solution).

In order to secure your databases and to offer the best data analysis possible Octopus propose 4 types of databases and reports management adapted to your activities:

Single branch – daily backups

The Automated backup agent runs independently of Octopus and makes a daily backup of the database, it sends to an FTP server. The differential backup is: what type of backup is better than a full backup because it allows focusing only on modified files with a smaller storage space (at most a few hundred kilobytes), the remote server with the previous backups to restore the full backup. We use these backups especially for SaaS consolidation.

SaaS Hosting (broadband connections)

You just need windows and an internet connection on each computer, nothing else to install, and Octopus provides you a centralized database, though a powerful dedicated server running on Windows 2008. You just need Windows and an internet connection on each computer, nothing else to install. Each branch has the information in real time. You can also manage inter-branch money transfers and savings.

SaaS hosting is by far the easiest solution for technical support, whether by your own IT team, or by Octopus technical support.

SaaS consolidation (limited and unstable connections)

It is a consolidation solution for performing MFIs with multi-branches:

SaaS microfinance software

Each branch sends its data to one of our dedicated servers, on which a consolidating agent is installed, and builds consolidated reports. The client accesses reports via Octopus in the same way it accesses its local reports. Octopus connects to the remote server and retrieves information consolidated (on a time base and branches). The reports are then published with Crystal Reports, printable and exportable to Excel.

Offline consolidation (no connection)

Offline consolidation is a method for MFI with several branches not having internet at all.

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