Report Developments

The weight of the reportsreports-screenshot

According to a survey published by the MIX in April 2012, the weight of the reports clearly indicates that they create a huge additional workload for MFIs.

Namely in Sub-Saharan Africa, MFIs deliver on average 39 reports a year. It takes 60 working days a year for an employee to fill in forms and reports.
In addition, report templates vary widely: information items (e.g. for the balance sheet) are different according to the donor or regulator. Accountability and financial analysis terms with similar meanings appear also differently.

Addressing MFIs’ reporting burden

Customised reports, single – or multi-branch help you monitor your business and make the right decisions.

Octopus is one of the most efficient MIS concerning reporting, which is crucial for the proper management of your MFI. Our decision support module incorporates 50 excellent reports, including standard reports recommended by CGAP.
All reports can be generated in all languages and all currencies. All reports are exportable to the third-part solution of your choice, such as Word or Excel. Any further analysis can be performed on the information exported to Microsoft Excel files.