Implementation & training at Octopus

Implementation requires services from Octopus. Preparation is the key to success for your MIS implementation. Our 8-year experience with Octopus has shown us that the most satisfied users have been those that invested enough time for preparation, implementation and training.

Therefore, our implementation services involve:

Audit of your practices and analysis of your needs

This audit is realized through interviews with the MFI top management and the local MIS administrator. This preliminary phase is fundamental as it allows us to review your MFI’s procedures, understand its needs, anticipate the migration phase, and personalise the software and to prepare a customized training according to the institution reality. This approach helps us to be even more efficient during training and to concentrate on what matters: users.

Customized configuration and full installation according to your needs

Internal documents published by Octopus (contracts, schedules, reports …) are customized and Octopus is configured according to your requirements.

Data Migration

The migration process of data and databases is a complex operation that takes time, mobilizes resources and carries significant risks.
At each installation of Octopus, we first support the audit of your existing data and jointly define the best strategy for migration to Octopus.
For each new version of Octopus, we assist our clients in the update of the software and in particular we guarantee the portability and migration of data from their old version of Octopus to the new version.

Functional Training

At Octopus, we orgnanise two sorts of training: User training and technical training, described below.
Our trainings are held in French, English, Spanish, Russian and Kyrgyz. Other languages are also available upon demand.

If you are interested in these trainings, please feel free to contact us.

Course Summary: This training is made to educate partners, MIS Managers and end-users who want to get a better functional understanding of Octopus Microfinance. This course is meant to give an overview of Octopus features and a general understanding of the software. Training is done through factual presentation and application exercises.

Duration: 3 days

Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Install the software
• Understand how to use each module of the software (Creation of client profiles, loan products configuration, disbursing a loan, handling repayments (front office/back office), Configuring savings products, editing reports, managing funding lines, managing multi-currencies, Accounting in Octopus, Back-ups and databases restorations)
• Configure the software
• Work with the software on a daily-basis

Requirements: Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Microfinance Operations.

Course summary: This training is made to educate partners, integrators and developers who need to better understand and know how to efficiently use the Octopus development process.

Duration: 2 days (after the initial training)

Objectives: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Comprehend the development concepts and database structure (different tables, stored procedures and functions)
• Install and administer Octopus in remote control
• Know how to Backup and restore the database
• Configure user defined fields via SQL Server
• Develop a new Octopus module
• Develop new Octopus reports and forms (via Crystal Reports)

Requirements: Participants are expected to have a significant knowledge and experience of the SQL language and SQL server. Participants must be already familiar with Octopus’ functionalities.

A series of additional specific tests on your databases

We point out to you what migrations are the most beneficial to you depending on your practices & your needs, and we accompany you during your migration. In addition, we operate interoperability tests with your third-part software such as your accounting solution.