Mobile applications and SMS alerts

Mobile Alerts to transform your business

Mobile applications are all the more affordable now. SMS or Short Message Service is being extensively used in the banking industry. SMS is used to send alerts to customers on the savings or loan balance, to introduce new offers and services, to send notifications or a change of policy, to connect a prospective customer to the nearest branch or sales executive, etc.

sms application microfinance software

This facility can now be available at a most affordable cost. The functionality of an SMS module for an organization can be built based on the custom requirement. Services such as information to clients on the repayment dates & amounts can be sent as alerts. Reports such as end of day collection update can be sent to the field officer or the reporting officer. Clients can be allowed to verify their loan / savings balance information.

What would you require for this great service to be available in your organisation?

The required functionalities as SMS alerts can be tailor-made to suit the needs of the organization by ODED Transformational Technologies.This will require the user to install this tailor-made application at the server end.
An Octopus server such as this would require a GSM modem or simple SMS dongles, which will moderate for all the SMS transactions. A bulk SMS provider can be a great value addition for sending automated alerts in a large scale. Regardless of the mode of implementation of Octopus (centralized mode or decentralized mode) SMS alert plug-in can be used to send alerts to the chosen segment of the stakeholders.

Methods for implementation of SMS alert module on Octopus

1. For remote branches in a decentralized mode, Octopus server will be connected to an SMS dongle, which will now work as modem to send SMS alerts to clients for Collections reminder, On-Repayments and non-repayments.

2. For a terminal server implementation, Octopus server will be integrated to bulk SMS providers. Bulk SMS provider of the customers’ choice can be integrated to SMS alerts plug-in of Octopus.

This Add-on / Extension of Octopus can be tailor-made to the needs of the organization, for instance SMS alert at loan application processing stage or Loan approval stage / Loan repayment stage / Loan monitoring stage. SMS Alerts can be customized across all stake-holders such as clients, loan officers, supervisors and management. Further on, the frequency of automated alerts of SMS such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly… can be chosen or customized as required for your organization.

Mobile Apps for phones Via SMS – A pioneering technology for MFIs

Octopus Mobile-Apps are compatible with any mobile Operating System, the only basic requirement being the mobile OS is installed with Java 2.0 protocol or above. Even low-cost mobiles will now work with SMS technology or a native GRPS technology, at the users’ choice. The Server and client’s mobile communicate over SMS or Internet protocol to generate collection sheets, perform disbursements & repayments or print receipts via Bluetooth printers. The platform independent nature of Java; and dual mode operability of mobile app on SMS / GPRS make the app dependable for loan officers, to work in areas where-in, the last mile connectivity internet is compromised.

mobile application microfinance softwareThe integration of Octopus to a mobile environment is a state-of-the-art solution for MFIs. In-the open market mobile-phone are expected to even replace desktops and laptops, with the advent of low-cost mobile-Internet technologies such as GPRS. SMS data transfer paved the way for extending the exchange of information in more robust methodology. This paradigm shift, further created opportunity for various SMS based apps to be available such as Mobile-App for Octopus. Today most of the social networking happens via mobiles, a lot of payment gateways operate via mobile interface. Now a hybrid of a mobile app using SMS technology is available to push efficiency and compatibility to a new horizon.

Mobile apps for Octopus work in sync with Octopus database to read and write data via SMS or Internet protocol. A wide variety of apps are available to be compatible with many mobile phone Operating systems.

Octopus mobile application and SMS alerts are compatible with:

windows-mobile blackberry symbian bada
sony LG-mobile palm android

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