Handheld devices

Handheld sync interface to Octopus

Handheld interface would allow the MFI to facilitate a mature error and paper free transaction environment.
Handheld devices have been proven successful in many industries, where there are a numerous transactions involved, which can allow zero scope for errors.

Collections in MFIs do qualify for this category of tracking. Handheld devices can facilitate validation of the customer via smartcard, magnetic strip cards and biometrics fingerprints. The validated information can be interfaced with the data server to fetch information such as collection and repayment status, attendance of the clients, etc.handheld-device microfinance software

A portable thermal or a punch printer can be interfaced to print the collection and repayment status of the clients, if required. The data sync between the server and the handheld device can be done via Internet using GPRS connectivity or via USB wire transfer.

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