Custom developments

Custom developments mirofinance software

Octopus can develop personalised tools upon request.

Giving targeted answers

The microfinance sector is still unstructured, and practices and regulations can vary widely from one country to another. For these reasons, we choose to dedicate each year most of our development time on new features requested by users. In general, it is a MFI that decides to use Octopus in a region where we are still little active, or a MFI with advanced practices not yet covered by Octopus.
Our business approach of specific developments is also collaborative: we are not restricted to developments of a specific client. If you fund a development, it will benefit all users, since you now get a version of Octopus, which was funded by specific developments of other users before you.

The cost sharing

As far as we are concerned, we always try to combine the MFIs in the same region or with similar practices to pool and reduce development costs.

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Affordable Prices

Regarding development prices, we offer a daily rate of development, which depends mainly on the relevance of the new function: the more it will benefit a large number of MFIs, the lower the price will be. With our development centre based in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), we can offer developments at very competitive prices.

If you want a feature that is not currently covered by Octopus, the easiest way is to contact us to find out if this feature already is in the year’s roadmap or whether it is required to add it. We will then see if other users would also be interested in this feature.