Advanced Tracking Tools

AdvancedTrackingTools octopusTracking client information for MFIs has been an easy task after the introduction of Octopus Microfinance. Now with the introduction of ‘Advance Tracking Tools’ MFIs will be no less than banks in-terms of tracking their portfolio.

Octopus capabilities have been enhanced by integrating the core engine to accommodate functionality such as Bio-metric finger print capturing. Adding to the KYC requirements, biometric finger print information can be captured and verified by an integrated module.

Various methods to Capture and Verify Biometric information

The information captured during client enrolment can be done by two different methods. MFIs can adopt any of these two methods of capturing, basis their operations.
The module can be implemented as a single site or a multisite implementation. This affordable technology solution allows a single to five-fingerprint capturing and validation software.

The Biometric module converts the captured information into a template ANSI-INITS 378-2004 minutiae format. This is a globally accepted standard for any verification. The fingerprint capturing device contains an FIPS 201 / PIV and FBI Certified FDU04TM sensor made with ultra-high resolution OPP04-series optic module.

SecuGen Hamster TM IV

SecuGen USB fingerprint readers are easy to install and use with software applications designed with fingerprint identification or verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. SecuGen readers provide consistent performance and security for a growing number of applications and are supported, by a wide range of operating systems and computing environments.

SecuGen readers are backed by the industry’s best quality guarantee and years of field use and proven performance under extreme conditions. This helps avoid the cost and inconvenience of field replacements of damaged units made by other sensor manufacturers.

To know more about our advanced tracking tools, please download our partner ODED ‘s dedicated brochure or contact us.