Understand how far technology can lead you

Technology is critical for your long-term success. Thanks to Octopus you can finally understand how far the technology can lead your organisation. The services we offer are made to help you use the solution the most effective way. But even the most powerful technology can do nothing for you if you can only use it poorly.

You will have a limited understanding of the technology if your teams are not trained to use the software and if the solution was not tailored especially for your organisation (personalised data migration, customised reports…).

Why choosing Octopus is smart

  • For the total investment regarding your needs and the flexibility provided by the software and the services.
  • For the robustness and integrity of your data thanks to our consolidated services.

Pay as you grow

Our pricing policy is based on services which is very fine for each type of MFI. We adapt our prices according to the OLB of your organisation to be as fair as possible.

Pay-as-you-need services

Our range of services is divided into seven categories and you just pay for what you need:

  1. Due diligence
  2. Implementation and training
  3. Solutions octopus microfinance sofwtareOctopus guarantee
  4. Custom developments
  5. Report Developments