Octopus Professional

In order to secure the right level of support for our customers, we offer Octopus professional: an annual subscription which provides bug fixing, upgrades and security alerts.

By subscribing annually, you will get:

1. Full version of Octopus

• Octopus Multi-branches
• All reports, including consolidated reports
• Accounting integration
• Access to additional modules
• Data migration
• Upgrade of the software

2. Implementation Services

• Audit of your practices and analysis of your needs
• Customized configuration and full installation according to your needs
• Training of final users and MIS manager
• A series of additional specific tests on your databases

3. Guarantee services

You get a-year guarantee which includes:
• Software maintenance: defects fixing, making backups and restore database, migrating towards a new Octopus release
• Technical support (a hotline, a training to make control remotely for repair)
• Daily secured online backup
• Warranty on new releases & unlimited upgrades

4. Access to additional services according to the principle of “pay for what you need”

Ocotpus Microfinance Software - Box • Implementation services (Data migration, advanced training)
• Customization services (Custom developments, custom reports)

For more information about our services see the solution page.

If you want to implement Octopus in your MFI, please fill in this gap anlysis questionnaire.