Octopus Online

SaaS Octopus Microfinance

Octopus Online is a low-priced out-of-the-box solution maintained by Octopus. With Octopus Online, you deploy quickly and inexpensively your MIS. Octopus Online allows you to use Octopus’ s core technology and all quality-certified modules, without limitations in terms of users, transactions or branches. Octopus Online is the ideal solution for those that cannot afford expensive enterprise-based software.

No Lock-in

Octopus Online is easy-to-use. We host the MIS system for you on our servers via the SaaS technology.You just need a good internet connection to work in a proper manner, using all Octopus’ s modules. The same version of Octopus Professional can be used either on-site or online. We are committed to allowing customers choose the best solution to meet their needs.

A revolutionary model in the microfinance MIS industry

Octopus Online allows you to use Octopus’ s core technology and all quality-certified modules in our cloud infrastructure.
You will benefit from the whole version of Octopus Professional, as well as the following services:

  • Support
  • Migration to each new version
  • Bug fixing
  • Hosting
  • Backups
  • Control centre
  • Security Alerts

Securing your operations

Octopus Online is secure. Octopus Online is developed via the SaaS technology, and hosted on cloud by Octopus, so you don’t have to worry about your capacity of hosting your data and MIS or potential hardware failures. Your data is kept safe by our trusted partner: OVH. OVH is the world leader in the management of cloud servers, which allows us to offer discounted rates compared to Amazon Cloud. In addition, daily backups and monthly upgrades guarantee you the highest level of security. You can also always rely on the maintenance provided by the Octopus team or your certified local reseller.

A cost-effective investment

Octopus Online is affordable. The all-included solution greatly diminishes your upfront infrastructure investment. Moreover, it can be based on monthly payments, starting at 200 euros/months. Octopus Online is a low-cost all-included solution. It allows you to manage portfolios and clients and many branches, and it reduces your upfront infrastructure investment at the same time, as you do no longer have to invest in costly servers.