Octopus Community

Next-generation Microfinance MIS

Octopus is one of the foremost providers of MIS technology for microfinance institutions. Octopus is a comprehensive MIS solution that supports all aspects of your microfinance operations.
With flexible and intuitive technology, our clients benefit from improved loan, savings portfolio management, interactive client relationship management, integrated accounting and proactive risk management.

Freemium MIS

Octopus is built on an open architecture and benefit from an active community of testers. You can download and install Octopus Community on your own and try Octopus’ s main features here.

Octopus Community edition benefits from most of the Octopus technology, but it is restricted to a single branch, contains fewer reports and do not include additional modules such as SMS alerts, biometrics applications, handheld devices, and accounting integration.

Octopus community is provided “as-is” and without any guarantee.

Easy as pieOctopus Microfinance Community

Octopus offers an interface based on classical Windows visual that makes it easy to use.
It has been co-developed with microfinance experts and software engineers to combine microfinance best practices with IT industry standards for your MFI. Therefore, Octopus brings tangible value-added benefits to your microfinance operations.