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Acted microfinance NGO


The Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) is an apolitical and non-confessional international relief agency created in Afghanistan in 1993. ACTED’s vocation is to support vulnerable populations worldwide and to accompany them in building a better future. ACTED develops about 170 projects a year in such diversified activities as Emergency Relief, Food Security, Health Promotion Network, Economic Development, Education and training, Micro finance, Advocacy – Institutional Support and Regional Dialogue, and Cultural promotion. As of today, ACTED is active in 33 countries in Asia, Eastern and Central Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and the Caribbean. The NGO employs approximately 160 international staff and more than 2800 national staff. The headquarters for the organization are located in Paris (France). ACTED is the founder and main shareholder of the OXUS Group.

For more information, please visit: www.acted.org

oxus microfinance


In 2005, ACTED developed the OXUS Development Network, a branch specifically dedicated to microfinance. ACTED has progressively transferred its microfinance activities to what has become OXUS Group. Such a transfer has enabled ACTED and OXUS to reach more clients in new areas of intervention, thanks to enhanced financial capacities and technical expertise. The OXUS Group’s microfinance institutions (MFIs) in different countries seek to adapt their methodology to the specific context in which they operate. Nonetheless, the lending policy applied by OXUS MFIs is consistent with a set of commercial and ethical principles. OXUS MFIs have been gradually developing activities in urban areas as well where small businesses grow more rapidly. However, the OXUS Group remains strongly attached to its development mission, and as a result plans to stay well implanted in less accessible regions.

For more information, please visit: www.oxusnetwork.org/

babyloan microfinance


Babyloan is the first peer-to-peer micro-lending website in France. Babyloan puts micro entrepreneurs from developing countries all over the world in direct touch with private lenders. On Babyloan, you can choose the micro-entrepreneur you wish to support, lend the amount of money you want and get your money back at the end of the loan term. Babyloan is also an educational platform to exchange best practices and information on the microfinance sector.

For more information, please visit: www.babyloan.org


Convergences is a discussion forum aimed at bringing together private and public sectors and social business. Its goal is to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable form of development in order to reduce extreme poverty in the world, as stated in the year 2000 by the eight Millennium Development Goals. Each year, ACTED and a number of partners organize ’Convergences’, a conference in Paris bringing together a wide range of experts from a variety of financial, economic, and social organizations. OXUS MFIs take part in the debates and discussions held under the auspices of Convergences .

For more information, please visit: www.convergences.org

samn microfinance


The South Asian Microfinance Network (SAMN) was established in 2008 by with a view to promote the financial inclusion of low income populations in South Asia. A partnership brought together 6 national associations and 24 MFIs from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal, representing over 2,000,000 clients and a US $ 200 million portfolio. SAMN is currently developing to become an effective, institutionalized platform aiming at exchanging best practices and technical support in the field of microfinance and encouraging foreign investment in tier II MFIs within the region. OXUS Afghanistan is part of the SAMN network, and OXUS Development Network is providing technical assistance to this initiative, particularly by linking South Asian MFIs to European investors.

For more information, please visit: www.samn.eu

esc dijon microfinance

ESC Dijon

Micro-Finance sits at the crossroads of two fundamental dimensions of the school’s mission: entrepreneurial management and social responsibility. In addition to this, Burgundy School of Business can also be proud of its expertise on finance issues. The creation of a Chair in Micro-Finance in April 2009 was the culmination of a project that has enabled the school to become a leader in France in this domain with regard to research, teaching and to action in the field. The main actors in Micro-Finance are partners in this Chair: ADIE (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative), PlanetFinance, Babyloan and CERMI (European Centre for Research in Micro-finance). The Chair is also funded by the Banque Populaire de Bourgogne Franche Comté.

For more information, please visit: www.escdijon.eu

software group microfinance

Software Group

Software Group is expert in microfinance, committed to delivering appropriate and affordable technology within the sector. The company offers a host of consulting services in and around the MIS, which includes implementation services. Alongside this Software Group provides a suite of software products within the UnderTree brand, all of which are aimed at expanding the reach of Microfinance via the use of field based technologies. Software Group is proud to work with Octopus both for the provision of implementation services as well as integration of the UnderTree products to ensure that Octopus clients have full access to a wide range of delivery channels including Mobile, ATM and POS.

For more information, please visit: http://softwaregroup-bg.com/

MFSF microfinance

MicroFinance Sans Frontières

MicroFinance Sans Frontières is an association of volunteers that provides technical assistance services to microfinance institutions (MFIs) through a network of volunteers from various backgrounds. The volunteers are previous or current employees of BNP Paribas as well as people from other horizons and their number reached 250 in late 2011. Since its creation, MFSF completed sixty missions in 20 countries for 35 different beneficiaries. The association has now several branches in Paris, Brussels, New York, Buenos Aires, Luxembourg, Tunis, and Dakar.

For more information, please visit: http://microfinancesansfrontieres.pourunmondequichange.com/