Octopus’s users

Octopus is used by 138 MFIs worldwide. Octopus can make more efficient and structured network of MFIs, commercial banks, NGOs and SACCOs, as you can see in those few examples.

Network of MFIs
Oxus (Afghanistan)
Oxus (Tajikistan)
Oxus (Kyrgyzstan)
Oxus (DR Congo)
Agora AMIL (India)
Agora AMZ (Zambia)
Mutahid (Afghanistan)
Camoh (Ghana)
Camoh (Haiti)
Camoh (Nicaragua)
Horus Development Finance (France)
Commercial MFIs
FDMMOZ (Mozambique)
Buskh (Pakistan)
SPHM (India)
Cendev (Nigeria)
Kazmicro (Kazakhstan)
BWDC (India)
IDEV (Cameroon)
OM (India)
SEWA (Sri Lanka)
African Gate Financial Support (Ghana)
APEK Financial Advisory Services (Private) Limited (Zimbabwe)
Baco Finance (Mali)
BCCW (India)
BOIN Microfinance Limited (Ghana)
BraMicrofinance (Nigeria)
Crédit Alternatif Accompagné (DR Congo)
Code Intellect (South Africa)
Cottage Village (Suriname)
Don Vasco Financiera (Mexico)
Donnel Microfinance Trust Ltd (Ghana)
Fundo De Desenvolvimento Mulher (FDM) (Mozambique)
Financiera Propiedades San Vicente (Guatemala)
Finanzas Alternativas S.A. (Mexico)
Global Investors Management Services (USA)
HLF (Haiti)
Jayanth Financial Services (India)
Kasi microfinance (Ghana)
KazMikroKredit (Kazakhstan)
KMC (Kazakhstan)
Kumtor (Kyrgyz republic)
MCDF (India)
Meanwood Finance Corporation Limited (Zambia)
Microfinanzas Prueba (Uruguay)
Mobdron Microfinance Company (Ghana)
Nazufe (Dominican republic)
NRMF (Kenya)
ODED (India)
SPHM (India)
Success (Uganda)
T&T Holdings Limited (Malawi)
Prestamos (Dominican republic)
Progressive Finance (India)
Tumar (Kazakhstan)
Provincial Financial Group (Ghana)
Resolvo (Cambodia)
Tokmok Trust (Kyrgyzstan)
Trust Union (Kyrgyzstan)
U-Save Microfinance (Ghana)
Vantage (Zimbabwe)
Zebu Overseas Board (Madagascar)
Zodiak Bank (Botswana)
CAC (DR Congo)
KMD (DR Congo)
AIRDIE (France)
COCAMO – Cooperation Canada Mozambique (Mozambique)
Fonds d’Emprunt Quebec (Canada)
Informatici Senza Frontiere (Madagascar)
Operation Mobilisation (India)
PCCS (India)
Unlad Kabayan (Philippines)
Mecap (Burkina Faso)
CODEC (Burkina Faso)
BonSacco (Kenya)
MEC OMART (Senegal)