Octopus is used by 80 microfinance organisations in total in 60 countries:

octopus microfinance software

Here are examples of what Octopus has managed to do for MFIs:

agora microfinance

Agora Microfinance – United Kingdom

Agora is an international network of MFIs, with its headquarters in London. The organisation implemented Octopus in 2012 for consolidation purposes.

Thanks to Octopus’ s flexibility, Agora can at the same time support its organisation in rural areas (Zambia), as well as urban areas (India). Agora has grown from a Greenfield MFI to nearly 10,000 active customers in 1 year’s use of Octopus.

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oxus microfinance

OXUS – Tajikistan

OXUS Tajikistan is a Tier2 MFI that originally implemented Octopus in 2006 to support its credit operations. Six years later the organisation is the second-leading MFI in the country, serving 85% of rural clients. Through group lending OXUS Tajikistan improves the lives of 15,000 customers and their families. As of today, the OXUS Group manages a loan portfolio of over USD 20M in Tajikistan and four other countries.

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logo oded microfinance

ODED Technologies – India

ODED is an Octopus Value-Added Reseller in India. In two years, ODED successfully implemented Octopus in 10 MFIs in South Asia (in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh).

At the same time, ODED developed custom features with local developers in order to meet local needs such as Biometric fingerprint analysis system, SMS Banking and handheld devices on smartphones, integrated into Octopus.

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Nazufe microfinance

Nazufe – Dominican Republic

Nazufe is a Tier4 MFI and an active community member. Nazufe translated the MIS solution to Spanish, opening up a huge new market.

When Nazufe implemented Octopus in 2010, it was a small MFI. It has now more than 3,000 active clients. Now Nazufe also plays the role of Value-Added Reseller and technical purchase advisor of Octopus in Central and Latin America.

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octopus microfinance software

IDEV – Cameroon

IDEV is a Tier3 MFI that migrated to Octopus in 2011 and in doing so was able to serve 2,000 SMEs with savings services in the Douala area.

Thanks to Octopus, IDEV can provide advanced services such as bank checks, current accounts with overdrafts, and tax management.