Become reseller

Thanks for your interest in becoming Value-Added Reseller of Octopus Microfinance.

Our work with Value-Added Resellers is simple: we recommend consultants to our clients and we send interested clients to our consultants. The client pays us for the Octopus Software maintenance and pays the VAR for implementation, training, data migration and on-site support. We are not looking for sales people, we want microfinance experts with strong IT background, who understand microfinance business, have an in-depth understanding of our software, and can add value to our product.

The aim of this questionnaire is to assess whether you can become Octopus VAR. If you think you fit the criteria above, please return this questionnaire, we will be happy to study opportunities with you to become VAR in your area.

1> About you

First Name*
Family Name*
Personal phone
Office phone*
Office address*
Email address*
Skype contact
How did you hear about us?
What are your main motivations to work for Octopus?*
Present yourself in a few words.*

2> About your company

We agree to work only with companies locally registered, established and recognized on the market.

What is the core activity of your company, its mission?*
Describe the team and the background of each key member.*
Are you already a reseller of other solutions (Microfinance or others)? Please, if so give their names.*
What is your company experience in software development and implementations (particularly in C#, SQL, and Crystal Reports)?*

3> About the Microfinance market in your country

What is your background in Microfinance?*
What are the main microfinance actors in your country (MFI, umbrella organizations, Central Bank, Donors)?*
What are the different licenses for MFIs?*
What are the specific practices, the main trends?*
What MIS are the most used in your country?*
Which opportunities do you see for Octopus?*

4> Let’s focus on your prospects

How many prospects do you have so far?*
Please, give the name of your main prospect.*
Number of branches*
Number of clients*
How did you get in touch with the prospect at first (CFT, personal contact, others)?*
What has been done with this prospect already (First contact, demonstration done, consultant…)?*
Is the prospect assessing other MIS?*
Do you have an idea of their budget for the implementation of an MIS?*
Other information

5> Octopus and you

Have you already tried and installed Octopus?*
What are the key functionalities that must be integrated/improved in Octopus for your market?*
Do you have some questions regarding the VAR partnership?
How do you see your implication with Octopus? What are your objectives?*
What would be your availability to work for Octopus? What is your capacity to scale-up in order to answer to potential high demand?*

6> Your message