Adapted to each microfinance actor

Octopus Microfinance offers tailored solutions for your organisation:

Microfinance institution

Microfinance Institutions

• Ergonomic and easy to use solution from Tier2 to Tier4 microfinance institutions
• Integrated, all-automated and secured workflow
• Allows disbursing and collecting loans safely, with minimum time and effort
• Allows to develop by yourself innovative credit services

microfinance network software

Microfinance Networks

• Multi-branch, multilingual, multi-currency, multi-channel
• Ensures automatic data transfers to head office
• Delivers accurate key reports and indicators to monitor your activity and make the right decisions

community banking

Community Banks

• Handles very simply integrated loans, savings products and funding lines
• Provide economic security and maximize the mobilization of local financial resources
• Brings detailed knowledge of your environment thanks to the reporting module

Saccos microfinance sofwtare

SACCOs and Credit Unions

• Offers current account, group savings, loans, membership, payroll, shares management, and planned deposits
• Provides quality and affordable services to members in accordance with International Credit Union (WOCCU) principles
• Octopus helps you to conform to legal and regulatory framework

NGO microfinance software

Non-Governmental Organisations

• Allows to develop programs which not only give access to credit but also increase the client’s global situation and diminish their vulnerability
• Allows to measure precisely social performance of the financial and non-financial services delivered

Islamic microfinance software

Islamic Microfinance

• Deliver value-added services conform to Islamic finance practices, like Murabaha and Musharaka.
• Both Sharia-compliant and flexible enough to guarantee efficiency to organisations that work on Islamic financial principles.