Octopus team

Core team

Aida Isabekova, Administration & Finance Manager

Aida has graduated Accounting in Kyrgyz-Russian-Slavic University in Bishkek. Joined Octopus Microfinance in May 2012 as an Administration & Finance Manager.
Before coming to Octopus Aida worked in international environment projects as a project assistant for 5 years, and had 2 years of experience of an accountant in a public association.

Aiday Dooranova, Support Manager

Aiday spent more than 6 years in direct contact with clients, in two different software development companies. She was handling client requests at help desk, writing end-user guides and providing training.
She joined Octopus in 2012, where she has been managing help desk and assisting MIS on their day-to-day tasks. She is now more and more involved in the definition of the functional roadmap, along with the product owner.

Alexandra Michel, Managing Director & Chief Operation Officer

Alexandra graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux and ESCP Europe with a specialization in economics and marketing. She started her career as a product manager at Cartier in Germany. After a few years, she moved to France, holding sales and marketing management positions in retail, FMCG and industry. In 2009 she started working at Sopra Consulting, specializing in large transformation programs in Customer Experience Management, marketing and sales strategy, mostly in the banking sector. She focused on helping her clients enhance customer satisfaction and efficiency through improvements in organization, IT and change management. She joined Octopus Microfinance as COO in 2013.

Almaz Chanachev, Senior Software Developer

Almaz earned first engineer degree in 2003 from KRSU of Software Engineering. Later, he went through some training and internship program in New Delhi with a team of CMC Ltd mostly related with database administrating and designing on MS SQL Server. He spent some time in China with studying Chinese language and their culture. In 2006-2008 he studied at Beijing University of Technology at Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Department. After coming back to Bishkek he worked for leading banking companies in a positions of senior developer. He has a proficiency in Oracle, as well as in SQL Server, has a good skills in C#. He is now a new team member as Senior Developer in the Octopus project.

Amanbek Bavlankulov, Software Developer

Amanbek has graduated from Kyrgyz State Technical University as an engineer. He worked as a trainer of programming languages and databases for several year. He is very interested in working in a SCRUM environment and for enterprise software development. After gaining knowledge and getting experience of working in a banking area he has joined Octopus Project in 2013 as a Software Developer.

Andrey Galkin, Chief Software Developer

Andrey graduated from the Applied Mathematics department of the Kyrgyz National University and obtained a Master’s Degree. After participating in different projects, his solid background allowed him to join Octopus in 2008.
Currently Chief Software Developer, Andrey likes this project because it is very challenging to develop good software for Microfinance.

Andrey Lopatin, Junior Software Developer

While graduating in 2013 from the best university in Kyrgyztan, Andrey worked in web development for one of biggest telecommunication operator of the country.
He joined Octopus in 2013, where is holds the position of junior software developer. Is interest go from WPF to JS and ASP.NET MVC.

Asel Egizbaeva, Software Tester
Mathieu Marion, Chief Technical Officer

Mathieu worked in different contexts of the software industry. From web developer in South Africa and France to project director in Madagascar. He joined Octopus in January 2013, and set up the development workflow, in respect of Scrum, as he is the ScrumMaster.
He is interested in project process improvement and new technology. He graduated from Versailles, France with a Master’s Degree in Multimedia and Project Management.

octopus microfinance software
Munduzbek Subanov, Senior Software Developer

Munduz graduated in 2005, from “Erciyes” university in Turkey with bachelor degree in Software Engineering. He worked in several software companies before coming to Octopus, as a developer, as a consultant, and as Senior developer. He has a very good proficiency in C# and Java and is interested in functional programming and mobile technologies. He is currently Senior Developer in the Octopus Project, where he likes the friendly atmosphere.

Sadruddin Noorani, Product Owner

Sadruddin has more than 8 years of experience in MIS Management & Core Banking Applications Implementation. He joined Octopus on May 13, 2013 as a Product Owner for Core Banking Application Development.
His previous work experience include:
- 5 years as a Lead for Core Banking Application Implementation & Support for a Geneva based International Organization, to manage Banks across the globe in 10 countries, with affiliate banks in Madagascar, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Syria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Afghanistan.
- 3 years of working experience in one of the leading commercial Banks of Pakistan, in its Information Technology Division for Core Banking Application support, Trouble shooting, enhancements and Business & Application Training.
Sadruddin graduated from Preston University, Karachi, Pakistan with a Masters of Business Administration, Majors in Management Information System.
He is also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Svetlana Khan, Junior Software Developer

Svetlana graduated from Software Engineering department of the American University of Central Asia.From August, 2012 she had an internship in Octopus Microfinance where now she is working as a junior developer.
Svetlana is interested in new technologies and mobile development.

Thibault Coudray, Engineering Intern

Thibault is a student from Ecole Centrale Paris, one of the leading French engineering schools. After a 6-month internship in a start-up developing a payment system on smartphone in Paris, Thibault decided to join Octopus for a mission aiming at developing a credit scoring system for Octopus’ main client. Thibault is interested in innovation and software development.

Vacheslav Kim, System & IT Officer

Vacheslav graduated from the Computing and Automated Systems department of the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and obtained the Master’s Degree (MBA) in Academy of Management in Kyrgyzstan.
He joined Octopus on November 1st, 2013 as a System and Network Engineer.
From the very beginning of his career, Vacheslav was involved into projects related to implementation of IT infrastructures.
His previous work experience includes:
- 3 years as a Lead for IT infrastructure implementation in a Kyrgyz ministry: User training, hardware and software purchase, identification of key directions, software development, implementation of server and client infrastructure.
- Lead of pilot implementation (and the first in KG) of e-government in a Kyrgyz ministry
- Technical Lead of implementation of billing system in Bishkek branch one of the main Kyrgyz gaz company
- Technical Lead of an international financial corporation project: implementation of automated system for governmental audit of business subjects in Kyrgyzstan, user training, implementation and maintenance of server equipment

Yuriy Sukhorukov, Support Administrator / Documenter

Yuriy has graduated from the Kyrgyz – Russian Slavic University in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, after what, he has followed several video courses from Bauman University.
Firstly he worked as a language teacher in language school, but further he moved into the web development and he worked as a freelancer for two years, during this work he has being supporting his clients on the web site functionality.
In 2014, he has joined Octopus as Support Administrator / Documenter in order to move to the enterprise level of support and be useful with his programming language skills.

Advisory board

Frédéric Roussel, ACTED Founder

Graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po), Frédéric travelled extensively in numerous countries. In 1989 he settled in Afghanistan where he worked for several International Organisations and assisted the launch of several local NGOs. As co-founder and Development Director of ACTED, Frédéric focuses on constructing integrated and sustainable regional strategies for the organisation’s activities in developing countries. He closely monitored ACTED’s microfinance programs since 1997, and he has played an essential role in the creation and development of the OXUS Group.

Michaël Knaute, CEO Octopus

Michael is the CEO of OXUS Development Network, which oversees the Octopus project. Michaël graduated from the Bordeaux School of Management in 1999 with a specialization in audit and finance. He started his career with Arthur Andersen in France. In 2003, he moved into the non-profit sector and joined ACTED where he acquired strong experience in the management of projects and organizations in crisis situations. In 2007, after being Finance Director in Afghanistan and Country Director in DRC, he became ACTED’s Regional Director for Africa. He then became Operations Director of MicroCred, a French microfinance operator. He joined the OXUS Group in October 2009 as Chief Executive Director of OXUS Development Network, where he leads the group’s development and supports ACTED and OXUS’ various microfinance initiatives.