Our story

How it all began

In 2005, when Oxus was looking for an efficient MIS for its microfinance institutions, it made the following observation: there were almost 50 existing microfinance software but none of them were robust, easy-to-use and affordable for small and medium MFIs. None of them integrated microfinance good practices either.

Starting point: building a cutting-edge MIS for the microfinance sector

At the initiative of Octo technology (French leader in IT architecture), Oxus associated with Octo to give birth to Octopus software. From the beginning, thanks to Octo functional expertise, several managerial & technical choices have been made. These choices still contribute to Octopus success today:
- C#/SQL architecture, the most robust solution for banking applications development, largely used in the industry, that allows MFIs to benefit from a reliable & flexible software
- AGILE, that allows a fast evolution of the product and that allows to adapt closely to the users needs

Key dates

  • 2006: Creation of Octopus
  • 2007: First implementation of Oxus Tajikistan
  • 2008: Implementations in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, & France
  • 2009: Beginning of commercial activities, partnership with Naxos IT
  • 2010: Growth of the community (500 members), translation into Spanish, implementation in India, Central Asia, Mali…
  • 2011: 6,500 downloads during the year, opening of an office in Dakar, Senegal
  • 2013: Change of business model (closed source) and internal reorganization, to ensure better service
  • 2014: Technical audit and gradual refactoring